Friday, June 4, 2010

Feminine Friday

Happy 4 week birthday sweet baby girl!  My mom, Gigi, came back to visit help since I'm healing slowly and not able to stand or walk for long periods.

The sunglasses you're wearing in this picture belonged to your cousin, Haley, who will be nine in July.  Haley's sister, Layla, has also worn the summer shades.  Your super cute watermelon outfit was rescued from a yard sale by none other than Gigi herself.  
Today we went bowling with Brother's BFF and his sister.

You were a bit bored in the bowling alley but you sure looked cute!

As a side note, Brother's feet are almost as big as Gigi's.  He is a very big boy.

And his hands are large, too.  In the below picture you'll see one of his newest toys, the Nerf-N-Strike Vulcan EBF 25 Blaster.  (It's imperative that we say the name in its entirety.)  This gun fires like a machine gun and is LOUD.  The noise does not bother you, Little Sister, in the least bit.  The bowling alley was loud today, too.  A friend stopped by while we were there and we laughed at how you are probably used to the noise from being in my tummy for 9 months.
Brother has prepared (is preparing?) you for a life of excitement.


Mom and Kiddo said...

I love feminine fridays.

Charissa said...

While I'm sure JI is getting quite big you forgot to mention that your mom is quite petite in her very sweet way. I miss your spunky momma


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