Friday, July 23, 2010

Feminine Friday

Happy 11th week birthday, Sister! I asked Brother to hold you for the picture, I think it's his fourth time.
Brother is lovin' wearing boots these days. Thanks, Mom & Kiddo for the fun shirts.
I got my hair chopped this week.


Mom and Kiddo said...

Your haircut looks great1 As do the shirts. :)

volscats said...

I got my hair chopped too, but not intentionally - due to my translator taking my baby for a walk and I could not say "Please stop cutting, I think that is enough." But it does help with the summer heat.

Iris said...

love your hair! your kids are soooo cute! i really want kekoa to meet JI. kekoa imitates everything his friends do. i think he'd get a kick out of JI.

Rachel Sims said...

I'm getting my hair chopped today! Yours looks good :)

Charissa said...

This haircut looks familar - in a good way. I love that framing your face! Mama squared, you look great


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