Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Diaper Experiment

Comm. Central started last week (just before we left for vacation) so this week is our first true week of school.  After the drudgery of memory work, I try to plan something fun.

Here is today's experiment.  It was highly scientific (not really, but he enjoyed it.)
We were trying to decide which diaper is best for Sister, and compared four kinds of diapers for absorbency.

He submerged each diaper (above is a disposable size 2 Luvs) then held it up till it stopped dripping.

Then we calculated how much water was missing from the bowl by refilling it back to the two liter mark. (I had to help with the math on this part.)

Below he's submerging a BumGenius all-in-one with an overnight insert.

Writing his findings.

Submerging a prefold (without a cover)

Holding it until it stopped dripping.

Our findings:
The disposable diaper held 275 mL of water.
The BumGenius with one insert held 400 mL of water.
The prefold held 450 mL of water.
The BumGenius with the overnight insert held 675 mL of water.

We also talked about the reasons for using disposable vs washable diapers.


John C. Majors said...

so the moral of the experiment is... put your baby in cloth diapers and you can go 2 to 3 times longer between changes!

Andy & Kiara said...

LOL Good moral, John! ;)
I like this experiment! Great idea.

I used disposables for the first time in weeks when we were at the home school convention. 2 blowouts the first day! So thankful to be using cloth. Reminded me how often I had to change Keandre's clothes when we didn't use disposable for a while. ;)

zanesmommy said...

LOVE IT! Just proves that cloth is still better. Which Bum Genius do you use? I want to use the One-Size All-in-ones.

Mom and Kiddo said...

I used to wrap three prefolds around Kiddo's bum when I put him to bed, now I know how much came out of him. Yikes!

Jen and Brad said...

So beyond fun experiments for JI are you lovin' cloth diapering? Right now I'm really loving the fuzzibunz one size pockets. Love the snaps! So far they are toddler proof!
Jen Shelby

Julie said...

Zane's Mommy: I'm using BumGenius one size, all-in-one. I like them, but I think the prefolds are my favorites. I think because the prefolds are faster to put on (not that it takes that long to stuff the BumGenius). BumGenius is definitely my favorite for overnight.

Jenni: I am enjoying cloth diapering - much more than I ever expected. When we were on vacation last week and I used disposable, I couldn't believe how strong the perfume-y smell was. Those chemicals can't be good for my babe. Not to mention the environmental aspect of throwing so much away.

And snaps! I'd not thought about the toddler-proof aspect. I just ordered 2 covers with snaps to use when Sister is too big for the covers you loaned me.


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