Friday, October 1, 2010

Feminine Friday

We said goodbye to the guys this morning - they're headed to Rwanda, Africa for two weeks.  Hubby is teaching a class on the gospel of John.  Hubby's mom joined them in Chicago for the trans-Atlantic trip.  Five of the six suitcases were scored at Goodwill!! and I think 2/3 of the contents are books.

After a delightful nap (by Sister and me) we ran some errands.  One of which was stopping by The Stitchin Post to see the ladies.  I made a quilt there when pregnant and haven't been by yet to show off Sister.

I seriously *heart* this store.

...and I think Sister does, too.  I can't wait to make some frilly stuff for her.

Coming home, these cuties were pushing their babies down the street.  Naomi turned two today and got a new stroller for her baby doll, which she often refers to as Baby Caroline (Cahl-la-line).

They came inside for an impromptu tea party.  We had iced tea because it's so bloomin' hot.  The girls fought over loved on Sister.

Monday we're going to Kentucky again to visit with my folks for a bit.


Steph said...

What a cutie! Love the picture of her in the car seat!

Erika said...

Wow, your fellas are in Africa for 2 weeks!!! What an adventure for them! I hope you enjoy your fun feminine time with Caroline! She's such a little honey, I love her smile! :)

Julie said...

wow, that is awesome that JI went with hubby. So cool. I wanted to tell you that we usually go overseas with target or walmart tubs and they are $6, lightweight and reusable... so if you go again, he could bring them and leave them with the group there for storage purposes. We just use luggage straps on them to keep them from popping open and the security people can look inside. We use at least 3 if not 4... one always pops off and gets lost on route... just a thought :)


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