Wednesday, October 20, 2010


This is Renee.  She is a joyful woman.  She works at the Goodwill that's within walking distance of our house.  Always she goes crazy over Sister.

One day I went into the donation center (separate from the store) to ask if she would call me if any sturdy suitcases were donated.  When I told her why I needed sturdy suitcases (to take books to Africa), she said, "Gurrrl!  Yo' man is goin' to the Motherland?!  I'm gonna help you!"

Indeed, she was true to her word and helped me find the suitcases that went to Rwanda.

So - I asked Hubby to bring her a souvenir from "the Motherland" - something Africa-ish.

When we took the gift to Renee today, (he bought a pair of earrings in the shape of the continent) you would have thought this woman won the lottery.  She was super excited.

I mean thrilled.

Jumping up and down - going crazy.

She took off the earrings she wore to work and told Mr. Intensity, "I'm gonna throw these in the trash.  I've got new, beautiful, earrings from AFRICA!"

Renee was talking so loudly that everyone in the store could hear her.  Heads were turning.  I think she liked the attention.

She was very grateful. I've smiled all day thinking about her gratitude for such a small thing.  I want to be more like her.


Alecia said...

very touching-

John and Pam Majors said...

Oh how sweet! I am so glad she liked them!:) Thanks for the news.

Lindsay said...

I love this post, Julie. It's so great that you and your kiddos are reaching out and making friends in the community. Christians don't do enough of that! Funny - Renee responded to her gift just like my Jalunga friends would if I got them a special gift! She might live in the States, but that African culture is still in there :-)

Chrys and Mike said...

so sweet, julie! love it.

i loved reading about their trip.

and little miss is looking just like her momma! so sweet.


p.s. i'm loving your ccentral blog! i shared it w/ our hs coop and we've been getting ideas. thanks for sharing!


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