Sunday, October 10, 2010

Update on Sister and Brother

This picture was taken in church today.  It's blurry but shows the cuteness of her bow (thanks, Jeri!)
She is a tiny thing, weighs 13lbs.  (Chunky Brother weighed about 20lbs at 5 months.)  She has two bottom teeth that emerged last week.
Melissa let me borrow this travel pack and play.  I loved using it.  If I have another baby, I'm going to invest in one.
There's something about a baby that makes people smile.  I had her on the floor in the airport.  Most people weren't expecting to see a baby.  When she caught their eye, instantaneously, people would smile and start talking to her.  
We had a 3+ hour lay over in St. Louis; she eventually fell asleep after entertaining other travelers.

Update on Brother
I talked with Hubby today via Google chat.  If you've not used it, it's like talking on the phone *free* internationally.  We tried to use the video function but I think the connection in Africa was too slow.

They went to church today, where minimal English was spoken.  The real kicker was ... it was a FOUR HOUR SERVICE.  I'm so glad I wasn't there.

At one point, John Isaac says to my mother-in-law, "Can we get go somewhere dark, where people won't stare at me?"  You see, his straight blonde hair is somewhat of an anomaly.   So when they went outdoors (after TWO HOURS of sitting still), they were again mobbed by kids.

Usually my extrovert loves this, but I think it's beginning to wear on him.  Hubby said John Isaac was circled by kids - just staring at him. {The kids were not making an attempt to talk to him...just staring.   The children are learning English in school - but think about when you were 5, how much Spanish did you know?}

So, what did my son do?

He started jumping around and acting silly.

Love him.

Another quick story: yesterday they drove to Alphonse's village.  Alphonse is the Rwandan college student we befriended last year, who currently lives in Little Rock.  You can read this full story on Hubby's blog.  He told me today that when they went inside Alphonse's house the doorway was "a wall of heads" of little kids peering inside.  Not only that, but Alphonse's youngest brother tried to give John Isaac a live chicken to take home. :)

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