Friday, December 10, 2010

Feminine Friday

What's more feminine than the Nutcracker Ballet?

We had second row seats!! (Sister enjoyed staying home with Dad this morning. Happy 7th month bday!)

Brother and I beat boredom before the show with silly shots:

HB and the G-ster sat with us.


Meg said...

Woah, its been too long. Great pic on the home page!! How are you guys? We went to the ballet on Thurs!! Just C and I:) So fun. I loved it. C said it was "ok". HA. So sorry about the break in. Oh my. Lets talk soon!! I'm knee deep in Lawrence's 4th bday prep for tomorrow!!!!

mhutsell said...

You and JI have em beat on goofy looks! HB just looks like she is having her throat checked! LOL!

John and Pam Majors said...

Oh what fun!!! So glad you were able to do that. Soon Caroline will go along. :) Happy Feminine Friday!


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