Monday, January 3, 2011


This was our first Christmas day not to celebrate in KY. Alphonse spent the night with us on Christmas eve.

The 26th we drove to "my ole Kentucky home" (insert Stephens Collins Foster song.)

It was a long trip for Sister and Brother.

But oh-so-worth it. The boy got gifts galore. Especially of the destructive nature. Below he's posing with the ever coveted nerf battle mace. Uncle Michael gave him a sweet army backpack. (Not pictured: BB gun and suped-up sling shot.)

We went to the Lexington Children's Museum with cousins.

Sister mostly watched.

Enjoying cocoa at Cracker Barrel.

The loot: more nerf. Can a boy have too much? He doesn't think so.

Papa gave him some cash for memorizing "The Lady of Shallot" (I'll post a video later) so he bought two foam shields and can't wait for the next playdate.

But the very best?

The boxes.

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John and Pam Majors said...

Ha Ha! What a great post! He sure had fun, and more is to come. So glad you came to visit.


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