Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bike Wreck

Here's what I wrote to family in an email yesterday:

Mr. Intensity bit the dust hard today. He was riding down the driveway and had a great fall.

I think he broke 2 baby teeth. Not been to dentist yet (waiting to see what happens). They might just be loose. Both lips are fat. The top appears like a cherry tomato is hiding under the gums. Poor kid. Bottom one has evidence of teeth piercing it.

He bled (mouth) like a stuck hog for 10 minutes and screamed so that the entire neighborhood could hear for a solid 20 minutes. Two neighbor boys came over to see if he was ok (after we'd been inside 15 minutes). He was screaming that loudly.

5 teen boys were walking by that helped me (JI later told me they'd laughed at him). I think JI was trying to show off for them. I didn't see what happened only heard bloody screams.

Sister was so frightened by JIs screams.

John was at the other house and came here per JIs request. He read aloud Lord of the Rings which seemed to calm him (finally!!).

Grandpa has him on a man-date now. They've gone to the army surplus store and the air force base. I'm sure ice cream is in their future. :)

Never a dull day.

Went to dentist today. Everything is ok, Dr wants to see JI again in 2 weeks.

Jaw is ok (no longer sore).

Chin and lips are still very swollen and will look worse before getting better.

If he'd had his front teeth, dentist said they would have broken on impact. His upper gums look really painful. Think road rash in your mouth.

We are to keep a watchful eye on the bottom lip that it doesn't become infected. I could see teeth marks on it just after the wreck. He is to swish with salt water.

Dentist didn't think the loose teeth were damaged & wasn't concerned bc they are baby teeth.

I am thanful it wasn't worse. Poor kid.

He was eating better tonight but drinking through a straw.

And to make you really feel sorry for him- here's proof:

Excitement tonight: we caught the neighbors grass on fire with fireworks! Well, it was a rocket (fireworks) that went up the huge hill behind the house. Grandpa scaled the shale hill AND six foot fence in a single bound to stomp out the fire. I was in the house and am so sorry I missed all the action. I got out there in time to see the billows of smoke and his stomping. We all laughed heartily.

I hope all the excitement is over for the week. We are moving, Lord willing, on Saturday.


the Rackley family said...
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the Rackley family said...
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the Rackley family said...

Poor kiddo! and poor mama!! These incidents are just as hard on US as THEM!!

So glad to hear that he's ok!! We love the pictures of your new house! SO happy for you guys!

Hugs from Uganda~

missy said...

that picture is so pathetic. poor guy!

Erin said...

Your description of his injuries made me hurt! And my mind was racing with what home remedies I'd use in that situation. Of course, it would more likely happen to my middle dd than to ds. :)

The Kinkel Family said...

So so so sad! That looks so painful!
Hang in there buddy :)


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