Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sister: 10 months +

She's so cute!  We all love her so much.  Brother is still a bit rough with her (supervision is always necessary even though he's 6.5)

Some of the fun things about her:
- It's allergy season.  When we clear our throats in the morning, she usually imitates us.

- Like most babies she loves bath time.  It's almost as fun just watching her.

- She is a bit shy and turns her head away when she meets new people.  When she looks back she doesn't  smile right away.

- Crawling under things is one of her favorite past times.

- Beginning to communicate beyond crying.  This weekend she started waving "bye bye" and using the signs "finished" and "more."  She is so proud of herself.

- Uses the pincer grasp to feed herself banana and sweet potato chunks.

- Of course, she adores her big brother!

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