Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sister's Room

 Sister's room started out with paneling and carpet.  After a bit of investigation, we realized there was dry wall under the paneling and hardwood under the carpet!  It would take a bit of work.  See the mismatched paneling on the wall on the right?  It's buckled.
A leak in the roof (years ago) caused water to run down the wall, buckle the paneling, mold to grow on the drywall and rot some of the hardwood floors.  We hadn't noticed the buckling before buying the house.
Here's what it looks like now.  I want to change the light fixture/fan as well as find a frilly carpet to diminish noise.  Overall, we love it.
The paneling came off easily but repairing the walls was a JOB. My man put in many hours in this room working on the drywall - with mud, sanding, priming, etc.
He's not the only one workin' hard.  This place was empty for six months so it was a bit dusty, as evidenced below.
 I spray painted a bright brassy fan a dark oiled bronze - and needs to be hung. :)
 Mr. Intensity has been helpful, too. 
Slowly it's coming together.  We love our new home.


mhutsell said...

I love JI's help! House is lookin' GOOOOD!

missy said...

her room is beautiful!!! so happy for you to have this home!

Andy and Kiara said...

So many blessings. :)


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