Monday, May 30, 2011

Monday Needs a Menu

I've not posted menus lately because, um, we've not had one.  Starting this week, I'm back in the kitchen!  A kitchen, I might add, that is painted (well, the eating part of the kitchen) and living room.  It took FIVE FULL DAYS of painting (I was optimistic thinking it could be done in two).  My mom was here and was such a huge help with the kids and the ten million other things that she miraculously accomplished.  That woman is an amazing working machine.  Hubby has been hard at work, too - laying 18 inch tiles over 450 square feet of floor.  We can see the end of this phase of home projects.  And we both want to be done.

Let me encourage you to make a menu.  It is very worth the time and effort it takes to plan.  Fail to plan, plan to fail.

debone 4 whole chickens, start broth
cold Oriental Noodle Salad
take potato salad to pot luck
soak black beans and brown rice

cook black beans
curried rice with chicken

marathon cooking day with HB - we're making freezing a ton of real. good. food.
dinner: enchiladas

make pizza dough

soak rice

coconut curry beef in slow cooker

Another thing that I'm beginning to enforce is a routine for snacks.  My boy will eat. ALL. DAY. LONG.  It drives me bananas. I made a spread sheet for the fridge.  Across the top are his lunches and we rotate snacks - week A & B.  So far, he's loved the structure.  And he loved the parfait this morning.

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volscats said...

I am thinking of menu planning as I consider delivery for groceries! I love your fun pic!


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