Wednesday, July 20, 2011

CSU 2011

After the 18+ hour drive to Colorado, we're able to have some FUN.  :)  We're here at Colorado State University (CSU) for a biennial staff training with Campus Crusade for Christ - which is the parent organization for FamilyLife.

The first night is a county fair kind of celebration.  The kids, especially love it.  Mr. Intensity tried his hand at a huge trampoline.  The look on his face was classic: "I'm scared out of my pants but I love the adrenaline here."

From the trampoline, he went to the bucking bronco.  Of course he also loved playing the games and riding other carnival games.

Sister DID NOT like childcare.  Poor thing screamed for THREE solid hours.  She does like the cafeteria food.  Presently (9:45am) she's napping and I hope to try childcare again this afternoon so I can attend some seminars.

Yesterday and today we heard from Francis Chan (author of best seller Crazy Love).  Yesterday's message was especially powerful.  He started the time by telling stories from his time overseas with persecuted believers.   He said, "If my life makes sense (to the world), something's wrong."  Going on, he said sometimes "advice from well meaning people sometimes takes us away from ( or talks us out of) doing the will of the Father."

The one verse he specifically used was from Revelation 3:1 "...You have the reputation of being alive but you are dead."  There was a time for confession of sin.  It was powerful.

Another one of my favorite things about being here at this conference is worshiping with ~5,000 other believers who are passionate about Christ.  Last night Mr. Intensity went with us (he took the arena pictures.)  The music is powerful.  OK, I realize I've overused the word powerful in this post - but there is something truly special about being with so many people who love Jesus.

At last night's major meeting, the name was changed from the 60 year old name Campus Crusade for Christ to cru.  Here's a link to FAQ.

Another fun thing about being in Colorado is riding bikes.  Mr. Intensity's Kids' Camp is about 3 miles from our dorms.  This is a flat city so we're able to ride our bikes.  Sister often sings or jabbers at us when we travel.  It's very fun.

Yes, I'm wearing pearls.  :)


John and Pam Majors said...

Thanks for the pictures. Looks like everyone is having fun.

The Eberle Family said...

I loved this post!!! Learned alot....absolutely loved what Francis Chan had to say about "if my life looks normal than something is wrong with what I'm doing". You are a very blessed to experience this....

Julie said...

so wish we could have been there, I have heard from many friends how great it was.... thanks for sharing!


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