Sunday, November 6, 2011

Weekend Snapshots

Friday night we had a chili pot luck in the front yard, complete with chiminea bonfire.  After the kids were in bed the adults came back for conversation and s'mores.
Saturday morning Brother had ice skating lessons again.  Once home he discovered the ashes in the chiminea.  The boys played in the ash (tried to make cement) and Sister was VERY sad that I wouldn't let her play in it, too. Instead we sprinkled some on my garden and in the flower beds.
The boys used charcoal as chalk.  Note: it's November and the boy is still barefoot.
Since my kitchen is cooler than 78* now, I have to melt the coconut oil.  Below you can see I'm scooping it from a 5 gallon container into a mason jar that is in a pot of warm water.
 Saturday afternoon he read for a very long time.  (Friday afternoon the kids and I went to a used library book sale. ) Sister played in this blow-up raft that was stowed in the garage.
My sweet tooth won.  I made a batch of no bake cookies (with mostly shredded coconut instead of oats) and now they're all gone.  Seriously.
 The view down the street.  Beautiful.
Up the street: boys playing football in the yard.  Look closely because I was too lazy to walk up the street for the photo.
Hubby has worked all week(end) to prepare notes from the Bonhoffer book for Dennis Rainey. Eric Metaxas is coming to FamilyLife for interviews this week.
The weekends are too short!!


John and Pam Majors said...

Love the pictures! How I wish I could have enjoyed the fire with you. How peaceful. Excited for John C. to interview with Eric Metaxes.

Mom and Kiddo said...

I'm such a geek because I was totally trying to see what books were in that photo! Thanks for linking up.

J Shelby said...

So where do you purchase that massive bucket of coconut oil?
Looks like shaved ice in that scoop.

Julie said...

Jenni - I order online from Mountain Rose Herbs. Coconut oil has a 2 year shelf life and we use 5 gallons in about 8 months. Shipping is crazy for this stuff, so that is why i buy 5 gal at a time. The price has gone up recently b.c the demand has increased but the supply has not. Some expect the price to go down when the new crop comes in (not sure when that will be).


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