Sunday, December 18, 2011

Random Acts of Kindness

The days are few before Christmas.  How's the shopping going?  Got your list whittled down?  Need to buy a few more?

Instead of buying a gift, what about making a donation to a good cause?

The Suubi family, friends of ours in Uganda, currently live in Kampala but are desiring to move north to Gulu.  In Uganda, renters must pay the six months lease in advance.  The Suubi family needs help raising funds to pay for their lease.  They are asking friends to donate just $5.  Could you help out?

 In Kelly's words:

We are SUPER excited about what God is calling us to in Gulu!! After the film Invisible Children was released in 2006 there was a FLOOD of NGOs (non-government organizations) to Gulu. They built huge buildings and started projects....but never really empowered the Ugandans to help themselves. And they CERTAINLY did not teach them about Jesus (most of the NGOs were there for purely humanitarian reasons...some even being anti-Christianity). So now that the LRA (Lord's Resistance Army) has left Uganda and moved into the DR Congo...the NGOs are leaving and heading to Juba, South Sudan. This has left a huge hole in Gulu....a hole that needs to be filled with Jesus. It is basically an unreached area...ripe for the harvest. We will be coming alongside a team that has been in the area for almost 2 years. They do life-on-life discipleship....mentoring, training, discipling, and releasing to do the same. It's amazing!!!

The house we will be living in is right next door to an orphanage....another "heart cry" we we will be able to get involved there. We are also surrounded by a small village of African huts (a community that most likely was once an IDP camp....Internally Displaced People). This was another prayer we had about where we lived...we wanted to be near a community that we could become actively involved in on the community development front. We will be living near the Gulu airport so Benji can spend time with the MAF (Missionary Aviation Fellowship) pilots that fly in and out of there (he has wanted to be an MAF pilot since he was 8)....this was a prayer that Scott had that God answered with a YES. How God lead us to this particular house is a TRULY amazing that will be a blog post next week!

The Suubi Family is asking people to donate $5.  I am asking you to donate $5.  Of course you can give more if you want!.

C'mon, this is an easy random act of kindness with many ripple effects.  It would very much encourage my friends in Uganda but also eventually help many Ugandans.

I can't go to Uganda, but I can help my friends who are there.  Will you?

Here's how: go to this site.  Scroll down a bit until you see Suubi family.  Put $5 in the first box.  The second box is for comments.  You can tell them that you heard about their work through this blog.  Or, keep it totally random.

I'd love to see them exceed their goal but as of now it seems like a pipe dream.   As of 10pm Sunday night, only 6 people have donated since Friday.

Let's get random!  Take 5 minutes or less and donate $5 or more.  :)

By the way, Suubi is not their real name. From their blog: Suubi is the Lugandan word for "hope." That is what our family wants to bring to the people we work with in Uganda....hope. We are currently working at Vision of Destiny School with Cariana Nash. Our most important goal continues to be pointing those we meet (both at school and where ever we go in Kampala) to the ultimate Hope that is found only in Jesus.

One last random yet entertaining thought: read their post about grasshopper day.

And be sure to donate!

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suubifamily said...

Thanks so much, Julie! Your family is such a blessing to our family!!



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