Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weekend Snapshots

Spring Break.
Friday we ventured downtown with our Rwandan friend, Alphonse. We explored, played and ate pizza at Iriana's.  The weather has been incredible lately.
My parents went to CAT-lanta to watch the University of Kentucky play basketball.  My brother gave them incredible tickets, 3 rows behind the bench.  My sister and I put on our blue and cheered from afar.
Mom and Dad had a fabulous time with all the other 50 ba-jillion CAT fans there.

Saturday the guys worked on the tree house (while not watching University of Louisville play).
Next Saturday we will be a house divided.  Our teams play one another.  Girls versus boys.  Blue vs Red.  Cats vs Cards.  Good vs evil.  My man would love to go to New Orleans for the Final Four.  Anyone going?

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zanesmommy said...

I must say that I will have to go with the Cards. I know you might "kick me off" the blog ;) But when one of your childhood friends played on the women's basketball team, what can I say. Looking forward to watching some great basketball as long as in the end I can say "ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!" I am the other KU fan through and through!


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