Sunday, April 1, 2012

Weekend Snapshots

 We've been working in our community garden.  Mr. Intensity earned a snazzy new pair of garden gloves with his help in spreading mulch.
I taught him to run the mower.  My motto: The yard mowed incorrectly is still mowed.

During afternoon rest time, I've been getting in touch with my creative side.  I've never been a painter before, and wouldn't exactly call this painting but it sure is relaxing and worshipful to sit outside and hear the birds and paint.  The wood is from the part of our fence that fell down.
 Sister and I had lunch on the trampoline.  Cheese toast - lunch of champions!
Because Hubby was working on the tree house.

Then we met friends at the park.
 Sister loves JJ (in swing with her).  He is my friend's foster child.
Mr. Intensity created a little business this weekend painting signs.  I commissioned him for this piece.  
 He went door to door selling his artwork and made about $50 ($11 of which he is donating to missionaries - I'm so proud!)
 We watched the UK / U of L game.  YAHOO CATS!!
 HB came to my house to show me how she could debone a chicken in less than four minutes.  We're gearing up for another batch cooking day on Tuesday.
 Meanwhile the kids played in the yard with water.
And for the first time, I've gridded out my raised bed.  I'm not usually a "by the books" kind of person but this year I wanted to grow by the square food method and see how I like it.
Why do the weekends go so fast?!!

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