Sunday, April 8, 2012

Weekend Snapshots

The weekend started on Thursday, my birthday.  The best ever b-day card was from my number one son:
Tamara Sims took me to lunch at Delicious Temptations.  Then Mr. Intensity and I went to Protho Junction to a nursery called BJ's.  A Master Gardener friend of mine recommended I go there because the prices are better than other nurseries in town.  Indeed that was the case and I noticed they were supplied by other Arkansas nurseries!

It is a family owned business, were polite and helpful.  I will drive the 20 minutes again to give them my business.  (They are moving May 1 to Sherwood.)
Look at my loot!  
 I also bought 3 bunches of bamboo to plant behind our back yard fence to act as a privacy barrier.  There are apartments behind our house, on the other side of the creek.  Long story short, there used to be a fence on the apartment side but it was rickety and was torn down.  The apartments are not going to replace the fence (grrrrrr) so we are planting bamboo that will grow six feet above our fence.

I splurged on these succulents, which remind me of our 4 years in Phoenix.
After dark, my best gal pal delivered the yummiest cookies.  I ate too many.

Hubby was off for Good Friday.  He delivered a load of compost and put in some major sweat equity for the flowers I purchased the day before.

More yard work.
We hosted an Easter Egg Hunt.
He is risen!
Sister got her first professional haircut on Friday (I didn't want short bangs...oh well.)
I took a 2 hour nap = glorious.  Then finished planting flowers.
My man spread the mulch and vacuumed out the van (huge undertaking!)

I even had enough daylight to plant a few things in my community garden.
I'm using coffee grounds as mulch.

It's been a great weekend!  I love having a spring birthday.


Mom and Kiddo said...

happy Birthday! Those plants are going to be beautiful!

volscats said...

Happy Birthday. I forgot we share the same birthday week!


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