Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Friday:  A friend and I made 31 quarts of sauerkraut with Caroline, who blogged about it here.

Saturday:  Our neighborhood pool opened and we were there a very long time.  It was fun to see friends that we hadn't seen since August when the pool closed.

{insert lots of swimming pictures}

Sunday:  This is where I was bright and early.  It's my morning sanctuary.  I have lots of ripe banana peppers, a few bell peppers and many green tomatoes.  I harvested most of my radishes and parsley this morning.
Sunday afternoon we went to a wedding of one of our neighbor's daughters by the river.  It was a special time.  The parents of the bride are quite active in our neighborhood and I think it speaks well of them that so many neighbors were there.  Randy (father of bride) is the architect and mastermind behind our neighborhood garden.
 John Isaac went just for the cake.  Can I blame him?
Monday:  We'll be at the pool.  Swim team kickoff BBQ at 5:30.

I love summer.

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