Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Make Your Own Chalkboard

I've had the idea for a while - of making my own chalkboard - but haven't been able to find the right surface...for the right price.  I wanted something large.  Large size usually means large price.  At summer's beginning, I was inspired by this friend who used a footboard for a chalkboard (scroll down in the post).

Patience pays when Goodwill shopping.  This beauty of a painting was scored at an estate sale for $20 - holla!  The surface is a bit textured (from the faux painting) but firm (like stiff card board or thin wood).  I had baby girl pose in the picture so you could get an idea of the size.
 After taping it off, Hubby sprayed it first with dark primer then two coats of chalkboard paint.
 I splurged and got a set of Chalk Ink markers from Amazon.  I love the way they write on the chalk board - and erase with water.  There's no way I could have written as many words with regular chalk.
And for bonus:  the cutest girl in the house - wearing a vintage 1978 shirt.  She is super excited about the turtle a neighbor brought over.  The girl has a thing for turtles these days.

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