Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mountain View - Blanchard Springs Caverns

My name is John Isaac and my report is about Blanchard Springs Caverns.  My family and I went there last week.  It is near Mountain View, Arkansas which is about two hours north of Little Rock.   We stayed in a little cabin that had a loft that was really cool.

The Blanchard Springs Cavers is over 50 feet in the ground.  In the first level of it there is the Dripstone Trail which is the trail I walked on.  It has two main rooms and the cathedral room can hold up to 3 football fields and still have room.

On the second level there is The Discovery Trail.  It goes even deeper into the ground and it has a longer tour than the Dripstone Trail.

A third option for tours is very expensive and you have to be ten years old or older to go on.  The name of this tour is called the Wild Cave Tour is where they give you knee pads, hard hats with lamps, special jackets, belts and they take you through unpaved spaces of the cave.  In some spaces you only have about one foot to crawl in.  And some places you have to go through water. 

After our tour we went on a bus which took us back to where we started because we went about a mile from where we started.

It was very exciting being underground. 

 Julie here to give details of the pictures I took.  There was a creek and cable bridge behind our cabin.
The bridge was originally built in 1914 but the timbers were replaced in the 40's and again in the 80's.  Cars drive across it still today but we weren't brave enough.  Walking across required all my courage.
As you can see, Arkansas is experiencing a severe drought.  However, JI said, "From here, these rocks make a satisfying thunk."
 There were canoes that we could borrow, but the water was too low.  We had fun just throwing rocks.
 It was a "5-star resort."  I'm thinking this was the most "rustic" 5-star resort I've seen...and cheapest!
 The front of our cabin:
 As John Isaac reported, we also toured a cave.  Very cool - as in 58* - inside.  FYI - Our tour guide said they give discounts to homeschool groups of 15 or more.
Some of us (without pregnancy bellies) practiced our shimmying skills.  The tour we took was completely paved and required only walking.  It was beautiful inside the cave and I highly recommend you going.
 Of course we had to browse the local shops.
 At the candy shop, we ate house made truffles but passed on the chocolate dipped bacon.
 And just when I think my little boy is getting bigger, he surprises me.


John and Pam Majors said...

I am impressed with your first blog, John Isaac! And I am so glad you all got to go to the cabin. It really looked like some good times.

J Shelby said...

I was hoping for a glimpse of the baby belly! :)


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