Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Bookcase

For about ten years, my husband has been dreaming of this project.  Last summer, he convinced my sister's husband to make the shelves.  These shelves have been stacked in the guest bedroom since.

At Christmas Hubby taught my mom to text and in exchange for her proficiency, my dad said he would drive to Little Rock to help finish the bookshelf.  Dad didn't want to teach Mom how to text but truth be told, he has been the driving force behind this project - he's amazing.
The work in advance was plentiful.  Dad worked on the trim pieces in his shop for weeks before coming.  Hubby worked for at least a week staining and finishing boards.
Once the two carpenters met here in Little Rock, they worked around the clock (my neighbors will testify!)  Installing the upright supports took the longest amount of time - they had to drill into the concrete floor which was quite a task.

Hubby tore this picture from a woodworking magazine over a decade ago.  Love the pose.
Isn't the trim work impressive?!  Custom made dentil work and crown molding.

The final project.  It is quite amazing and looks even better in person.  The shelves are almost full of books already!!  (Where were all these books hiding before this?)  I am thankful our home is on a concrete slab.  Otherwise, we might need to add additional supports for the floor.

And happy birthday, Mom!  Note bookcase in background.  Ever the selfless servant, she was willing to share her special day with the excitement of a completed project.  Not to mention she has worked like a crazy person herself while here.

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The Kinkel Family said...

Impressive! It's beautiful!


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