Monday, December 31, 2012


For the first time in 80 years, Little Rock had a white Christmas.  This sounds really romantic until the power goes out - for DAYS.  (Rain and ice came first, breaking trees and power lines.) The first night we went to some friends' house but they lost power a few hours later.  We camped in our living room the next two nights.  In front of the house the tree was destroyed under the weight of the ice and snow.
 It was a tad bit chilly in our house, if you weren't in front of the fire.
 The game: sigh.  My team lost.
Insomnia provides lots of reading time for me.  Finished two books recently:  The River of Doubt was about Teddy Roosevelt's exploration of an uncharted Brazilian river.  He's my hero.

Navy SEALs are also my heroes.  No Easy Day was about the firsthand account of the mission that killed Osama.

Still no baby - though I've had another false alarm of hours of contractions (when the roads were icy and we were out of power!!).  My mom comes on Wednesday (yay!) and I am so miserable ready for this baby to be here.

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mhutsell said...

SO glad you posted. Been wondering about you! Sheesh, with the power being out and your insomnia this is NOT a delightful end to your pregnancy. But is there ever? I think not. Anyway, hoping you will get the word out about the baby coming to HB so she can post it to FB or email or your blog or something! Can't wait to hear of his arrival!


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