Sunday, January 27, 2013

Two Weeks Old

Schaeffer is two weeks old.  Last week was rather, ahem, stressful 'round here.  He went almost a week without pooping.  At first I just thought it was a fluke thing.  (Hello reality...newborns poop 2-3 times a day!)

I kept reading on the internet conflicting things about what was within an acceptable range for no poo, or what would cause this, or whether or not I should be concerned. By day 5, I was really concerned.

I called a lactation consultant who said I needed to have him weighed right away.  But before I came in, I should nurse him then pump.  Following her instructions, I pumped almost 3 ounces.

[Also on this day, the poor boy was circumcised.  The doctor was 1.5 hours late!  Since I opted out of the vitamin K shot at the hospital to avoid mercury in his bloodstream, we waited until after the 8th day to have him circumcised.  On the 8th day, the body naturally produces vitamin K for blood clotting.  Dr. Mercola has an interesting article on avoiding the vitamin K shot.]

Once in the lactation consultant's office, Schaeffer weighed 2 ounces less than what he weighed when we left the hospital.  This was not terribly bad, but it certainly wasn't good.  He should have gained almost a pound back - not lost weight.

The next step was for me to nurse him in the office then weigh him again.  After doing so, he'd only gained one ounce.  One measly ounce after 30 minutes of nursing.  From what I can gather, big babies are often lazy nursers.  Schaeffer was one big baby and nursing him has had its challenges from the beginning.

My assignment for the next few days was to nurse him then pump and bottle feed him what I pumped (every 3 hours).  By the next morning my milk supply had diminished to less than a half an ounce.  First thing, I called the lactation consultant and told her -through tears- what the night had been like.  She was very encouraging (love those ladies at Baptist!  I feel like some of them are my BFF; I've known them since I took a breast feeding class when pregnant with John Isaac - almost 9 years ago.)

Happily I can report that my milk supply has increased.  Along with pumping, I am taking fenugreek to help reestablish my supply.  However my supply is not yet meeting the demand, though I am hopeful.  Thanks to engorgement, there was surplus milk stored in my freezer.  I have also supplemented with a raw milk formula.

Tomorrow (Monday) I will meet again with the lactation consultant.  Schaeffer continues to be reluctant to latch and still a lazy nurser.  I would appreciate your prayers for our perseverance.  Pumping every three hours is exhausting.


Shelley said...

I know you will get a thousand "recommendations" from everyone, but I have to throw out there, since we went through it with both my babies. Have they checked his frenulum? That is the piece of skin below the tongue. Both my babies had very long (almost to the tip of the tongue and edge of their gums, yet very shallow (only a few mm "deep"). Meaning their tongues didn't have the thrust necessary to nurse properly. We discovered it with Landon when he seemed to be latching, but rapidly lost a lot of weight. Once we had it cut (a quick procedure done without meds), he nursed much better. Although he also was a very lazy eater! And at 7 years old...still is!!!
Reagan had it as well, just not quite as severe. We had hers cut as well, but not until a little while later when nursing wasn't working as well as we had hoped. It made a difference in the very next feeding!! Anyways... I know this is unsolicited advice...but felt I needed to put it out there!!

Julie said...

Hey, I'll take any and all advice I can get! I don't think it's anything in his mouth as 2 lactation consultants have checked.


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