Monday, January 14, 2013

What's in a Name?

Our latest addition to the family is a son, named Schaeffer Allen Majors.  He is named after people we highly esteem: Francis (and Edith) Schaeffer and John Allen Majors.

Francis and Edith Schaeffer 

Edith wrote three books that have impacted my life and the way I love people.  Foremost is her book, L'Abri, which is about their ministry in Switzerland (but also the name of their ministry).  She writes candidly about their family's involvement (small children included), trusting in God to provide financially, juggling and directing a busy household with many visitors and the amazing things God does in the midst of it all.  From Amazon's book description:

The Schaeffers believed that truth must be demonstrated as well as debated. They wanted to show the world through the transformed lifestyle of a believing community that the personal-infinite God is really here in our generation. In a society losing the ability to distinguish between Christian and non-Christian values, truth and untruth, good and evil, L'Abri equipped people to make that distinction.

The second book she wrote that influenced me is What is a Family?  Thirdly, she wrote The Hidden Art of Homemaking.

As for Francis, he wrote twenty-two books and Hubby can tell you more about the theological reasons for admiring this man.  I think it is safe to say Francis' twenty-two books were an overflow of his ministry to seekers and believers at L'Abri.  Here's an article that gives a glimpse into his humanity and humility.  Hubby says if you are to read one Schaeffer book it should be True Spirituality.

John Allen Majors

Hubby's dad is John Allen who is a man after God's own heart.  Gentle, servant, humble, wise and trusted by many.  We are so thankful for John Allen's influence in the lives of his children and grandchildren as well as countless others at his church and workplace.

There you have it... the reasons for naming him Schaeffer Allen (we'll call him just Schaeffer).  There will be a pop quiz later.  :)  Although because of his birth weight of 10 pounds, 10 ounces, it is probably safe to assume that he will have a few nicknames: Pork Chop, Hulk, Hercules, Bubba...

{I wrote about his natural childbirth here.}


volscats said...

Congrats on Big Baby Boy!! So happy for y'all.

John and Pam Majors said...

What an adorable baby! Thank you for the honor bestowed on John Allen. This is a priceless treasure.

Teaching Mommy to Pray said...

Congratulations, Julie and John! What a beautiful boy!! :) Blessings, sweet friend! Krista

Anonymous said...

srcithoSo happy for all of you. We grow them big in the Majors family. Nothing wrong with that. Welcome to a great family Schaeffer!!
Kenna Jean


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