Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Caroline's 3rd Birthday

Caroline tuned three (almost 2 weeks ago!) and I can hardly believe the changes in her in the last 6 months.  Potty training, big girl bed, dressing herself, talking, talking, talking!  She is the sweetest little thing.  Ever ready to serve and comfort those with needs.  She loves *bling*, lip gloss, anything pink  and Minnie Mouse (she says Minnie Mousie).

On the day of her birthday I woke her and said, "Happy Birthday!"  She, who usually loves to wear PJs all day, said, "I must put on my Princess clothes.  It's my birfday!"  She bounced out of bed to the box of costumes and chose the one she is wearing below.
The puckered lips are because she just applied the Cinderella lip gloss in her hand from Aunt Whitney, who also gave her birthday bows and lots of bling.

In the next picture, you might notice a chance in costume.  My mom sent her another ballerina costume.  After opening it she had to put it on.  And wore it all day.

We call this plastic safety man "SloMo" and he is loved by the children on our street.  I made a party hat for him since we had an outdoor party and Caroline thought it was so funny.
Caroline with her down-the-street twin BFFs.  Their names are Brooklyn (on left) and Vivian (right).  She usually refers to them as one person "BibianBrooklyn" since they are always together.

 When I asked what kind of dessert she wanted, without hesitation she told me cupcakes.  Pink cupcakes.  I also made chocolate ('cuz that's what I like.)

 She ate one of each.
 My friend, Holly, took the outdoor pics.
 This is Camron, our across the street babysitter.
 I love our neighbors.  And our 'hood.

It was a fun day.  And she's growing up so fast.  Next year she'll be wearing pink to the prom.  *sniff*


Erica MomandKiddo said...

Happy "birfday" Caroline!

volscats said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl. I love the pictures of your community.


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