Sunday, June 16, 2013

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Seems like blogging has taken to the back burner these days...not really a theme with this post - except for pictures of the week.

Caroline's first day of "school" - aka childcare.  She was in heaven taking her backpack and lunchbox.  For the first day's outfit she choose this vintage retro hand-me-down outfit from my childhood.  Close toed shoes are required and both my kids do not like this rule.
"Look - it's same one!"  Her way of saying, "I match my orange bike." (Magaw, we found the Hello Kitty shoes!  She promptly changed once home.)
Yesterday we drove up to Estes Park (elevation ~7,500 feet).  En route I begged my man to stop at a few yard sales along the way.  Ft. Collins rocks the yard sales.  At the first stop, I scored a carseat and base for Schaeffer for $5!  He has a carseat but there was a, ahem, miscommunication about the base since Hubby drove and I brought Schaeffer on the airplane...anyhoo - I was super excited about this find because I was missing the base so much I asked my BFF about mailing it to me.

I also scored two princess (or fairy?) costumes and a princess purse - all for the grand total of $1.  They were all in new condition.
This costume still had tags.
 A view of the Rocky Mountains as we drove into Estes Park.
 We took a short 1 mile hike (at 9,500 feet elevation - the elevation of Little Rock is about 300 feet.) to see how everyone would fare.  Of course big brother bounded down the trail with plenty of energy.  Unfortunately Caroline whined most of the time, even though Hubby carried her in a Kelty backpack.  I carried Schaeffer in a Boba carrier I scored at a consignment store for 1/3 the original price!  He was content to be so near all day.  Caroline is outnumbered; she will have to learn to enjoy hiking because the rest of us love it so much.
After the hike we ate pizza and ice cream in Estes Park then came back to Ft. Collins to see the Budweiser Clydesdale horses.  We were some of the first people in the parking lot when they arrived so we got to watch them unload everything as well as dress up the horses.  I didn't know until yesterday that Budweiser has a brewery in Ft. Collins.  These horses travel 320 days a year.  Watching the team caused me to think about Farmer Boy, his teams, and Laura Ingalls Wilder.  Driving a team of 8 Clydesdale horses takes some muscle and is definitely a narrow field of expertise.
 The horses were so patient and majestic.

One last thing - not to make any of y'all jealous or anything...especially my friends in the sultry south...I've had the windows open all day in our apartment.  The weather is amazing here.

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John and Pam Majors said...

Well, it was a great day to be a Princess! Except for having to wear shoes! BOO!! Glad you found the Hello Kitty shoes No wonder she didn't like hiking; do you know any Princesses who do?
Glad you are having fun:)


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