Monday, October 21, 2013

My Version of Instagram

I was having a rough week(s?!) looked up, and realized the cactus given to me by a neighbor a year ago is blooming. Literally I smiled for a very long time afterwards thinking of God's goodness in His timing.  He indeed cares about details.
 Caroline continues to love footed jammies. The weather has cooled enough for her to wear them comfortably now. We bought a new pair and continued the splurge by sharing a cupcake from Gigi's.
Above new jammies are modeled while hopping with excitement. 
Here is my new fav. dish that's super-easy-delish-nutrish. 
The guys worked all day Saturday on the tree house.  Emphasis on HOUSE.  This will not be a shrimpy, shoddy play place.
I found time to play in my garden. 
Boo'd a neighborhood friend. 
"The bubble" went up for swim team. JI was a little excited to swim indoors now that temps have finally dropped. 
Kids helped make sauerkraut tonight in preparation for Hubby's 40th birthday bash this weekend. We're doing a Reformation themed party. Stay tuned for more pics. {While doing research for the party, I made this correlation.}
Best of all, the smallest family member has allowed us 4 consecutive nights of sleep until at least 4am. We are praying this is a trend. Join us.


John and Pam Majors said...

What nice pictures! Can't wait to see the birthday pictures!

obat herbal stroke said...

very nice post
two thumb up for you ^___^


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