Sunday, October 13, 2013

Week in Pictures

First cool fall morning, dressed for school. 
Little brother is almost as big as sis. 
A sweet friend made this dress!
Fashionista with her cell phone in the hip pocket, playing poolside with beans in a honey bear container. I didn't know she had the phone or beans until I sat down. JI joined a year-round swim team, I don't think I've posted about that yet. 
Baby containment unit. 
Zoo day - Caroline dressed herself and this picture doesn't do justice to the costume, which was complete with gold beads, pink headband and tennis shoes that are two sizes too big. 
Little momma (Shay can hold the bottle now!)  I'm still nursing but occasionally he gets a bottle.
Scored a piano at an estate sale for $75 this weekend!!
Family picnic at the riverfront. 

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volscats said...

Julie, your family is beautiful. I love y'all and your picture of grace and authenticity that you live with. Love from Tokyo.


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