Sunday, November 24, 2013

My Week in Pictures

 My grandmother used to say, "Happy as a 'coon up a tree with the axe lost."

I stand in awe of a Creator that would put such intricate details on something that will only blow away.
 Hat tip to Daddy. He wears pens in his shirt like this.  We survived the week with out him!
Children's choir last practice and first concert.
I measured flour, etc. then made a note for later additions.  Caroline came after me with tape and made her own sweet notes.  Love that girl!
 He went to a spy-themed birthday party.  Crazy fun.
 A local artisan made and delivered a bench for our table.  I love it.
 John Isaac had his first Dolphin-Laser swim meet. (Warm ups below.)
He won his heat for breaststroke while his goggles came off during the butterfly.  It was a good experience and gave him a marker for future meets.
I hosted the first book club meeting for Bread and Wine with neighborhood women.  At first, I thought ten ladies were coming.  For various reasons we dined with seven.  It was a special evening and the Lord brought just the people he wanted here.  I'm really looking forward to more dinners together.
Caroline helped make the name cards.  She loves crafts and calls them "activities."  On the back of the cards, I wrote the ladies' names of husbands and children.  I'll be the first to admit that I forget names - and it is so embarrassing!!  I  had to text a few women for details before dinner.  Some I left blank and let the women fill them in once they arrived.  The napkins were tied with long sprigs of rosemary - I saw the idea years ago and have wanted to do it since.  And the china I bought off Craigslist for $65 this summer.

Anyone else listening to Christmas music yet?

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