Sunday, December 29, 2013

Week in Photos: Christmas Edition

Just before Christmas, one of John Isaac's friends got a road bike.  I see two future triathletes.  These boys also swim together 3 or 4 days a week with a club team.  Their dads are also beginning to swim quasi-regularly, too.
Christmas morning the kids were awake by 3am.  I didn't hear them until JI came in our room at 5:15 and Hubby commanded him back to bed.  I was excited so I got up and went to their room (both slept in Caroline's room) and we came downstairs at 5:30.

Below Caroline is in a *new* Princess outfit with a cash register (her fav.) also in picture are Shrinky Dinks and a doll and kitty from Alphonse.
 My parents gave me a hand-thrown mug from their trip to the northeast.  I love it.  We had PW's cinnamon rolls (that I'd made the day before) and Hubby cooked up eggs and greens.
 JI got a magic set, science kit, magnet kit and lots of other goodies from grandparents.  :)
This vest, from Major Grands, has been worn almost daily.  Lots of pockets and zippers.  Perfect for him.
Both kids got gingerbread houses.  Alphonse, who stayed Christmas Eve, helped decorate one set.  They woke him at 5:45 by running and screaming into his room.  JI said, "It was so funny - he sat straight up in bed."  Poor guy.  They love Alphonse fiercely.
JI's favorite "toy" was a 4-in-1 tool workshop from my parents.  It includes a lathe, drill press, sander, and jigsaw.  (The scab on his nose is a carpet burn from wrestling with Caroline on the couch…lovely.)
 Little Miss likes to dress herself and has a good sense of style, no?
Last but certainly not least, UK beat UofL this weekend!!  Notice my wise children are dressed appropriately in winning colors.  We took pizza to Matt & D'Lisa Haas's house and watched the game.
Where's Schaeffer?  We shipped him to Mars.  Well, not really but I want to most days.  He has been very grumpy this week (runny nose virus) and hardly napping.  When he is awake he demands constant attention which means I get nothing done.  It has been the longest year of my life.  Please don't tell me I will look back on these days with fondness.

Hubby is home three days this coming week then it's back to reality.


Melanie said...

Thanks for the laugh about looking back with fondness! :) Your family is so cute and you guys seem like such great parents!

John and Pam Majors said...

Love the pictures! It makes me almost feel like I was there. :)


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