Friday, September 12, 2014

Summer & Consequences

Our summer was very full and by its very nature, very fun.  Of course we read... a lot. 
We spent two hellish weeks in Florida while John taught a class.  All five of us in a hotel room.  Well, the four of us while John worked long hours.  We managed 3 trips to the beach (an hour away); two of those trips were by myself (what was I thinking?!)  I was glad to get home.
Caroline went on her first date with Dad.  Quite possibly it could be the best thing that has ever happened to her.  She talks about it all the time.  The dress was my sister's.
These cherubs? They look so angelic, don't they?  This picture was taken while we were in Florida.  I think that is when the sibling rivalry and bickering just about drove me to...well, let's not go there.
My husband and I came up with a list of consequences.  I've stored them in the "notes" of my phone for easy access ...because I can easily get sucked into the emotional vortex of the fighting and my brain stops.

Sometimes they simply need space from one another.  Sometimes they need something productive for their little hands and feet.  And so,

My quick access list of consequences for the oldest two kids:

Money (JI has been mowing lawns this summer.  I will pick up his stuff and charge him $1)
Clean windows (The Raineys at FamilyLife recommend that bickering siblings clean different sides of the same window.)
Mop floor in kitchen and/or dining room
Scrub toilets

**FlyLady says, "Housework done incorrectly still blesses your family."**
Take out trash/compost/recycyling
Eat sauerkraut (JI hates it but CJ loves it)
Run around the block, CJ run in backyard
Pick up sticks in the backyard
Gather dirty laundry from upstairs
Write a letter to someone
Sweep out garage and/or driveway
  optional:: leg tied to sibling
Stack firewood
Help prepare dinner, set table, chop veggies, stir
Wipe down kitchen cabinets
Lose privilege, ex: friends coming over
No dessert or sweets

Banish to their rooms
Look at one another and say, "I love you and want to be your friend for life."
One more thing, I'm on Instagram now as @mommamajors. I'd love to follow you if I'm not already.

What consequences work with your tribe?
I'd love more ideas.


Melanie said...

This just made me laugh, your children are so adorable, but I'm so glad you share honestly about the trying times, too!

Sibling conflict has been increasing here, too.

Hmm, consequences here have been a little sketchy lately. This is going to sound lame, but how do you MAKE them do their consequence? i.e., how do you make them run around the block? My older kids (age 9 and 10) don't like to comply. (which obviously, is why I need to give most of their consequences to begin with!)

Shelley said...

Yeah for Instagram! Following. It will be so much easier to keep up with y'all. I'm so bad about reading blogs anymore. When I DO get a chance to sit at the computer I get my work done and then move on. I don't get much time explore!! I instagram all the time! So quick and simple!!


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