Thursday, March 13, 2008

Birthday Party

Saturday morning we made fun memories with lots of friends at a joint birthday party. It was for three transracially adopted boys, all of whom were turning one. The twins have a website here and the other family has one here. The only reason I mention they were transracially adopted is because I know some of you are interested in adoption and you might want to visit their sites.

One of the most fun things about the party was this HUGE pipe in the back yard. It was fun for the big kids as well as the littles. Destructo of course LOVED it. The big boys (adults) rolled on top of it like a log in water and the littles liked to be inside while this was happening. The littles also liked to push it, they just didn't have the balance to stay on top, so their feet were on the ground. At one point, Destructo and a few buddies had tied a rope to it and were pulling it, like a mule that didn't want to be bothered. By the end of the party, one of the adults had propted it in a tree and it was being used as a slide.

Beyond the pipe there were many other things I appreciated about this party and want to mimic.
  • They hostess(es) sent email invitations [save time & some postal cash]
  • They expressed "no gifts, please" [what does a one-year old really need anyway?]
  • They didn't send us home with b-day party favors [save cash & who needs more trinkets?]

If you are inclined to send guests home with favors, this article gave some noteworthy ideas that I might use in the future...esp. the book trading idea.

Usually I'm a strict adherent to the "no gift" rule. However, just before this party I felt crafty, and maybe, a bit nostalgic since we're moving in a few months. And a craft store near me was closing and had a sale. And Destructo sat on a kitchen stool for 4 hours being stubborn about eating his dinner turned breakfast so I had the time!

I like to think of my creation as a "library book bag" my husband likes to tease me and call them "man purses." I don't think the one-year-olds will care either way.

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