Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bubble Painting

Not only was I the recipient of salt when my neighbor moved but also a huge container of bubbles.

Perfect! Now I can copy this idea. Well, if you know me well, you know that I don't always follow a recipe. I *thought* I was following the instructions (add a bit of paint to your bubbles) but our bubble painting didn't turn out so splendid. The bubbles wouldn't blow through the wand...they just popped. So, we used the concoction like water colors. Maybe the bubbles were too old. Can they go bad? The watercolors quickly became a red lake.

Let's just pour off the excess, Ma.
Shake, shake, shake...really, he was quite proud of the art. Note red puddle in bottom right corner of picture. It's a piece of work, too.

This is what I did while he was painting. I *hope* to mail it tomorrow.

He also painted his truck.

while I was focused on my project, Destructo tried to hang his lake to dry...

Can somebody say, "YIKES?!"

1 comment:

mbl said...

Oh, destructo--you make me laugh! You also remind me that surely I should be able to handle my wild child--since he's not quite as wild as you. I love your art work---and I'll give you a YIKES about the standing on the stool. Happy Easter.


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