Friday, March 28, 2008

Flamin' T-shirt

When it comes to clothes, my lil man can be a bit particular. Specifically, he likes to have a decal on the front of his shirt. Occasionally I can get him to wear a plain one but it's not too often.

For this project I was initially inspired by my friend Marla - she made really cute alligator and shark shirts for her boys. Also inspiration came yet again from the Artful Parent, who covered stains on her daughter's shirt with a funky chicken. Too cute.

Pictured below Lto R: Plain blue shirt, fabric flames and Stitch Wichery First I cut out the fabric. Then cut several strips of stitch witchery and ironed them together per package instructions. I'd never used that stuff before. Although my mom and other petite women I know have used it in lieu of hemming pants.

Finally, I sewed the fabric to the shirt. It was a bit ambitious of me to use the zig zag stitch. Forever in a hurry, I didn't stay close to the edge and had to go back and re-stitch in a few places. Oh well, Destructo will never notice. Or, I hope he'll never notice. I should have gone more simply with a straight stitch.
The whole project took about 30 minutes; I'll be doing this again!


The Artful Parent said...

Looks good! I'll have to check out that stitch witchery stuff. It sounds a lot like pellon, but in ribbon form instead of sheets, right? I agree about wanting to make more! -Jean

Julie said...

yep, stitch witchery is in ribbon form and was quite easy to use.

Shannon said...

Too funny, my Josh is the exact opposite. He wants his t-shirts plain and black!

Anonymous said...

That's a great idea. Way to be resourceful. Proverbs 31 woman right there!

jojoebi said...

that looks great...all he needs now are some flared jeans with flares up the side and a motorbike :o)

Evenspor said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog. This is a great idea. I just got a motorcycle fabric remnant that my son loves. I was sad that it wasn't enough to make him a shirt, but I didn't even think about just appliqueing it onto a plain t-shirt.


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