Tuesday, March 4, 2008

H Week

As I've said before, each week we concentrate on a letter of the alphabet (mostly copying Starry Sky Ranch's Funschool.)

When the Lil Man came racing down the stairs Monday morning to "read" the words that begin with H, almost immediately he said, "Haley begins with H." Haley is his cousin. That made my heart smile. Across the miles, he remembers Haley in KY.

Shortly after "reading" he went to work, putting away the silverware. He was so excited about his new job; again my heart smiled. I took a picture hoping to save the image of him happily working - hoping that it would inspire me to work hard with a similar attitude.

After some Hot chocolate he went to work with a "game" that was planned for last week but somehow escaped us. He's sorting nuts: almonds, hazelnuts, pecans (we picked off the ground), and Brazil nuts. We talked about the texture - smooth, bumpy, scratchy...the shape, color...but best of all was COUNTING! We've even begun to entertain ideas of addition and subtraction.

One of the games we played today was hopscotch. Oh my. So fun. I had no idea how fun this game would be to him until we played. It took a while (well, not quite sure he ever mastered it) for my guy to learn to hop on one foot. Below: Joel (neighbor in green) decided he could play for a minute.

Zoe (Joel's lil sister) came with a bit more enthusiasm.

Drawing H

Squishing AntsI've saved the best picture for last. All the while we're minding our P's & Q's - cops were making an arrest. Other neighborhood boys thought it was fun to watch, too. I can't wait to move.

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