Tuesday, March 4, 2008


It hardly ever happens to me but I bought something and got more than what I paid for.

A few weeks ago at my favorite consignment shop I bought a butterfly habitat/cage for John Isaac for $7.99. I was trusting that my fingers could do the walking (on keyboards) to find some butterfly caterpillars. Once said purchase was in the car, I discovered a certificate in the box for free caterpillars! Could this be true?

Since I didn't know the age of the certificate, I called Insect Lore. They said that my certificate was redeemable! For free! The caterpillars were in the mail the next day. Yay.

Three days later, they arrived in our mailbox. [Which is more than can be said for Uncle Milton's ants - they're still not here after at least 6 weeks. However, they sent an email 3 weeks ago saying it has been too cold to ship...in Southern California?...to Phoenix, AZ? I'm skeptical.]

Everyone in the family has enjoyed watching the progress of our worms, um, caterpillars. The daily growth was noticeable to even the smallest of eyes. The brownish stuff in the bottom of the cup is their food. Caterpillars + food = package deal.

Here's about day 5:
After the seventh day in our home, they began the search for a place to rest. Never before day 7 had I seen them crawl to the top of the "habitat." The instructions said they would eventually hang here to make the chrysalis.

This morning ~day 8, when I checked on our friends, one had begun the transformation process! If you click on the picture, you can see more detail. Amazing.
And, thanks to the Davis clan, we have played endless rounds of the Hungry Caterpillar Game. Once our butterflies emerge, we'll give it back. Thanks for giving Eric Carle's book a whole new meaning.

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The Eberle Family said...

You are a way cool mom!! That is so neat....I'm taking notes!


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