Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Yesterday Starry Sky Ranch had a post about feeding the family.

Which reminded me that I needed to get more children's fish oil for John Isaac. Our western diet doesn't allow for much fish (read: mother does not like fish). And, a growing brain needs all the omega-3 it can get...adults, too. Confession, I've not been taking my fish oil tablet lately because I taste it after swallowing. I need to buy flax seed oil tablets for us big people.

The wee lil mite also eats a multi-vitamin every day. He loves it. I love that it has wholesome food complexes, herbal tonics, and plant-source digestive enzymes.

While getting better at trying new foods, his diet is still mostly dairy, bread and most fruits (sometimes eating veggies only to get dessert). It makes me feel better about nutrition that I'm doing my part by offering a variety of foods and giving him vitamins. He's been taking both the fish oil and the multi-vitamin since his second birthday.

Hubby and I also take a multi-vitamin. This one from Nature's Sunshine was recommended to us by a friend who's in the herb business. Nature's Sunshine has a remarkable reputation for purity and quality in the industry.

What vitamins do you take?

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