Monday, March 31, 2008

Retro Aprons

My super talented friend Sarah was true to her word and came over Saturday to help me with the apron. It was so fun I decided to make another after she left.

She stopped by today to see the finished products (it wasn't finished when she left on Saturday). Neither of us had any make-up so I promised to crop our faces.

The pink flowers one was the first I/we made and is the one I'm keeping. The stripped and polka dotted one is going to my sister-in-law in Germany. The poor girl hardly sees sunshine; it's quite cloudy there. I'm hoping the cheery colors will make her smile.


mbl said...

Those are beautiful, Julie. I'm so impressed. I just got caught up on your site. I just love all that you write. I love all your ideas and copied ideas. Thanks for sharing. I'm helping Nate with April fools jokes, but right now have none of my own.

Anonymous said...

Julie, they are so pretty. Great job! Leslie

MajorScoop said...



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