Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sew a Needle Pulling Thread

The Artful Parent inspired me again. This time I dug out my sewing machine from the bottom of the closet and made some bean bags. Just call me a copy cat.

Bean bags will be the gifts that I give at the next kid party. Kids of all ages love them. Hubby took a study break this morning and we all played a few rounds of "toss the John Deere bean bags."
Most of the pictures I took of the lil man were blurry - wonder why?
JI tried to up the ante by making the toss postion in a swivel chair.
He likes to sit on my lap while I run the machine so I try to sew when he's not around. However, last night after he was in bed, I broke not one but TWO needles...RRrrgh. I had to stop because I'm out of needles. I finished about 3 bean bags by hand; one was finished this morning, during waking hours. All the talk about sewing gave him an itch to sew.

Sew, I mean, so...I directed his energies to the sewing cards we bought a few weeks ago at a consignment card. He was quite content. I think he finished 2 cards - which is no small feat for his incredibly short attention span.

Probably the best part about the bean bags were the BEANS. They were used abundantly this morning for creative play.

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The Artful Parent said...

Hey, I like all your other fabric activities as well, both the fabric matching and the button threading. I might have to copy you! I love being inspired by other people's blogs. There's no end to the interesting activities and projects out there. Which means I do a lot of copying...


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