Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Felt Snake

You might have noticed the fashion trend of my son. He loves to wear pajamas. I *think* it's because there are no buttons, snaps or zippers. The following work is to help a young one learn to maneuver a button through a button hole.

This work is shamelessly copied from Montessori Mama. I don't feel too bad since I've found at least two other copy cats of this very work here and here. Go to their sites for the how-to if you want to copy, too. :)

After mastering two felt pieces he decided he was finished. Today was one of the first times I made him sit and finish. He didn't like it at first but when finally finished I think he liked the feeling of accomplishment. Anyone have ideas on how to encourage perseverance?

Montessori Mama said in her post that her two-year-old niece stayed at it for 30 minutes. Unbelievable. Not yet have I found a work to capture Destructo's attention for 30 minutes (besides water in the sink).


Shannon said...

I honestly never know what will actually keep Joshua's attention! But it seems to me that if I make something and then leave it out not allowing him to use it, he will complete the activity when I finally let him. He also needs to talk nonstop through the entire activity, not really Montessori but it works for him!

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous idea!


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