Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Fabric Matching

Another great use for fabric is to play a matching game. I've read about this work in countless books but have been too lazy to dig through my fabric. Last night I pulled out my sewing stuff and thankfully remembered to cut a few scraps to play this "game." I am aware that hard core Montessorians call it "work" because children like to do what adults do - but I figure my lil man has the rest of his life to work and we should play all we can now.

For the "game" - first I showed him all the fabrics and talked about the color and texture of each. Next, I mixed them around on the tray and asked him to (visually) match them. He did with swiftness and excellence. Then I explained how we can use our fingers to determine if things are alike or different. I put a blindfold over my eyes and showed him how to match the fabric just by touching.

He was mesmerized - I think more by the fact of seeing a blindfold for the first time than by the fact that I could actually match the fabric, blindfolded. He tried it and enjoyed the game, once. Then he didn't want to do it again.


Anonymous said...

Hi Julie,
I hope that you remember me?? Jodi Luechtefeld. . . I was in your CCC bible study when I was at UK. I just so happened upon your blog to realize that it was a face that I recognized?!! Looks like you have a beautiful family. I love your stories!! I still have a note that you wrote to me as a bookmark in my bible. . .no kidding.
Love. . .Jodi (jodeez98@hotmail.com)

Seven's Heaven said...

Just saying hi. I check in to see what fun you're having with your guys. I miss those days!! We're still having fun even though it looks different as they get older. When I get off this diet, I think I'll do a home school blog. I love reading what people are doing. It's inspirational.


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