Thursday, April 10, 2008

Art Class

After coveting The Artful Parent's Toddler Art Group, I decided it was high-time for my guy to have a bit of culture. I signed him up for an art class at the Shemer Art Center.

The teacher taught 30 years of kindergarten in public school and was great with the kiddos. She began the class explaining about primary colors and gave the kids 3 "spy glasses" each. If they wanted, they could color on them with watercolor markers.

Then the real fun began. Bring out the paint! She talked about mixing (yellow + blue = green). I had grand hopes that he would remember that we'd talked about this before and even mixed the paint...but hopes were dashed.

They also sprayed watercolors on huge coffee filters. He was super intense here. Locked in on the spray bottle.

Once home, we did the moon craft with marbles... of course with the 3 primary colors we just learned about in art class.

I thought the clear marbles looked quite retro with our paint.

The box could even be an art specimen.

I won't show you pictures of his body after this exhibit...or the bathroom where I found purple paint on most surface areas - including the wall. Thankfully it's WASHABLE!

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John and Pam said...

Good art work, JI! You sure have a fun Mama!


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