Friday, April 11, 2008


On the way home from the zoo today, we stopped at Sonic and got a cherry limeade (half price, of course.) Before leaving the parking lot I filled his cup. However, for the next 5 minutes, lil man kept asking if he could have the cherry in the cup. Each time I said, "once we get home I'll look for it."

Fast forward to when we're home. The phone rings and I'm caught talking on the phone. Realizing my thirst a few minutes later, I searched for my drink...only to find the lid and straw on the floor.

Hmmmm...I didn't put it there.

Straight to the bathroom is where I go to find my curious little boy...looking for the cherry. He'd dumped my drink into the sink!! GRRrrrr!!

"Oh! John Isaac, what did you do? Where is my drink?"

blank stare.

"I'm so sad you dumped my drink in the sink."

His response: "That's OK Momma, I forgive you."

I went back to of the perks of Daddy working at home.


John and Pam said...

Well, at least that explains why he dumped it out. So sorry!!

Burke Wilson said...

Your memoir is going to be packed full of hilarious stories by having lil' man around. Your story sounds like a line out of the Family Circus comic strip.

Anonymous said...

That is soo funny! Leslie


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