Thursday, April 24, 2008

More Shemer Art Center

In today's art class I saw a side of Mr. Intensity that I don't see very often - his serious side. He was very excited when the teacher presented the paint and different objects they could use. I liked that she continued to teach them about primary colors.
Did you see the seriousness on his face? He was totally into the project, taking his time - almost being thoughtful (instead of impulsive) about painting.

more concentration...

Below he used a deflated ball to test different textures.

And here he's using a feather to paint.

Please continue to observe the seriousness on this child's face. I couldn't believe it and was so glad to have my camera! He's painting with a dish sponge.

Last, but certainly not least is an object the teacher created from pipe cleaners and several rubber bands. She wanted the children to come and create their own painting utensils - but they were totally happy with the things she'd already given them.

Later, however, he did take advantage of the pipe cleaners when he saw a little girl creating a flower. His competetive side came to life when he grabbed two pipe cleaners, smashed them together then said with gusto, "It's a gun!" To my great relief another mother said, "My son went through that stage, too...where everything is a gun." I smiled. Deep down inside, I don't think it's a stage for Mr. Intensity.

After cleaning up - when all the others were heading home - he said, "Momma, let's go explore. Maybe we can find more sculptures like last week."

We set out exploring the rooms of the art center (that was a house built ~1920.) The first room had a miniture doll house, complete with hand made furnishing. Thankfully he wasn't that interested because he couldn't touch (read: break) anything.

Then we found this room. Click on the picture to enlarge it to see all the odds and ends.

I was thankful to be finished inside and make our way to the courtyard. Hopefully we wouldn't break or destroy anything out here.

Not sure if the artist's intention was to memoralize the Iraqi purple finger, but that's what this one reminded me of.

This hand was made of ceramic. Shortly after I took this picture Mr. Intensity jumped on the back of the hand (think piggy-back). The thing started rocking and all I could think of was, "I'm in big trouble. We need to get out of here - fast!" Thankfully the sculpture was unscathed. Whew.
I wish I could remember what he said when he sat in this one. It wasn't related to my thought...that it looked like he was sitting on a toilet. :) Speaking of toilets - yesterday at the park, another mom said to me, "Um, could you go talk to John Isaac? He has his pants down in front of my daughter." YIKES!! When I went over to him (he was sitting in the sand with pants at his ankles) he said, "Mom, I'm just trying to toot." After he pulled up his pants he said, "I've got sand in my where the poop comes out." All I could do was laugh. Then, I tried to help get the sand out.

I'm so thankful the camera was poised for this one:

You would have never believed me that he laid down on his own accord - unless I had digital proof to verify said fact. Don't worry, he didn't stay there long.


MajorScoop said...

Laughing out loud at the end...

I love the different materials the art teacher had to use while painting. Very fun.

Stephanie said...

Wow, that's classic! My husband and I often wonder what we ever laughed about before we had Tatum :)

I love it when they surprise you... It looks like he was totally engaged in his art. Wonderful! Sounds like his teacher knows a thing or two about doing art with kids!


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