Thursday, April 17, 2008

Shemer Art Center

Phoenix is a relatively young town. I think it started to explode around the advent of air conditioning. All this to say there aren't many cool old buildings here.

However, our art class is in a referbished old house. Near the parking lot there's some outdoor scuptures. I'm calling them sculptures, but don't quote me on that. I know next to nothing about art. All I ever knew I've learned from The Artful Parent.

We were a few minutes early to our art class this afternoon so Mr. Intensity and I decided to explore.

He was immediately drawn to this piece called Urban Forestry. Can you see the buildings underneath the tree? There are even roads carved on the platform. The website says: "...combination of intricate foliage reproduction in welded steel and whimsical, larger than life botanical features in copper and painted steel."

This is one of my favorites. If a gal can't fit all her stuff in this one, she's hurtin' for certain.

Mr. Intensity called this one a cannon. Upon further inspection, I think it resembles a girl and a dog.

He pulled me over to view the spider webs on this one. I didn't care to verify his story.

This one is called Hanging Garden; the roots of the plants are immersed in water. Very cool.

Even with all the exploring we were the first to arrive in class. Our focus was collage making then eventually edible finger paint from pudding. We never painted. It went straight to the lips!


Evenspor said...

Awesome. Thanks for the sculpture pictures. Now I want to visit Phoenix just to see that sculpture garden. Especially the tree.

Zach and Julie Anderson said...

finger paint from was that?

Julie said...

our teacher said about 1 TBS dry pudding mix to 1/4 cup milk (in a dixie cup) and stir. However, it looked a lot more like 2 or 3 TBS to me. She recommended "white chocolate" instead of vanilla to help achieve true colore. The vanilla, once constituted, is yellow. White chocolate is...white. The kids practiced what they learned last week with the primary colors. Interesting to note the boys chose red + blue to make purple pudding. The girls chose yellow + blue = green.

Mom and Kiddo said...

That art center looks amazing. I am so impressed with the way they mixed plant life and sculpture and that urban forest is so intriguing. Thanks for sharing those pics.

The Artful Parent said...

I bet you're exaggerating about the "all I ever knew" part! :) -Jean


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