Thursday, April 17, 2008

Reward Board

My mom sent this 'reward board' last week. I was very skeptical. I was wrong.

When I explained it to Mr. Intensity his eyes glowed, he chuckled and said, "oh yeah!" As if to say, "I'm gonna knock this sucker out - this is a challenge I'm going to win."I couldn't believe it. So simple - and he loved it.

There are four categories in which he can win a star.

1. Make his bed first thing
2. Put on clothes (he'd wear PJs all day if I'd let him - and sometimes it's a real chore to coerce him into clothes)
3. Clean room - esp. after "room time"
4. Put away clean silverware

Once he gets 12 stars he gets to watch a 30 mintue DVD. This is a real treat since we don't have a TV and we make a big deal about pulling out the portable DVD player. Mostly he watches it when I'm getting my hair cut - or we go to a friend's house for dinner (who doesn't have kids) and the adults want to talk.

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mbl said...

That's great...and I love his "new" name. Perfect. We don't own any swords---yet.


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