Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Paper Mache Disaster

This morning we tried our hand at paper mache. We blew up two balloons and had a blast covering them with sticky goo.

When we left for lunch I felt the balloons; they were dry.

Disaster struck while we were out - only it would get worse. For some reason, one of the balloons popped and met its demise on the ground. The other balloon had not yet popped but was looking squeamish.

Quickly we removed balloon #2 from the clothes line. As I was reaching for the materials to begin the second layer - Mr. Intensity (formerly known as Destructo) stomped on the paper mache balloon. Why? I do not know.

I wanted to kill him...or at least strangle him a bit. I'm not kidding.

Thankfully (for us all) Magaw was here and she was quite cool about the event. We decided to patch it with tape best we could and add the second layer.

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Zach and Julie Anderson said...

I am so sorry. I was so looking forward to how it would turn out. I would like to make one with Eli this summer. We will be at our english camps and will have more outdoor space to get messy!!!


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