Friday, April 25, 2008

Summer's Comin'

In Phoenix, the natives say there are two seasons: summer and summer's comin'.

Since we see so much flip-flop weather, I wanted to tell you about a must-have product when living in the desert: Micro-plane's Foot File. Last year I bought 3 of them. One went to my mother, the other to my mother-in-love, and the third went to my husband.

He has the worst feet of anyone I've ever seen. It makes me cringe to see his cracked heels and the roughness on the bottom. Please don't make me touch them *yuck.* However, if he's diligent to use the file (even for just a few minutes a day) he gets miraculous results in about a week. My mom has said the same thing. This foot file works better than any miracle cream. Pinky swear.

Last night I decided to use it a bit on my feet and noticed the blade felt a bit duller. Hubby said, "No wonder - you should see the dead stuff I shave off every night." OK - maybe I'm telling you too much about our private lives...

All that to say, if I were in the market for foot files, I'd buy the newest release from Micro-Plane. It has a replaceable cartridge and longer handle.

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Evenspor said...

That's funny. When we lived in Redding (California) they had a saying too: There's two seasons in Redding, summer and summer squared.


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