Monday, May 26, 2008

All Boy Weekend Part 2 - Emphasis: Metal

As you might have read the previous post, we spent Memorial Day camping. I love camping because I don't have to plan for fun; it just happens.

This post's theme is metal to comply with this week's Unplugged Project. Without Mr. Intensity's spontaneity, I'm not sure we could have participated. Then again, if you read Mom Unplugged's entry you'll see that artistic freedom is allowed.

In this first picture, Mr. Intensity is wielding an iron bar. He was pretending it was a spear. Doesn't he look like a savage?
Please accept my apologies that he's in his skivvies. His pants got wet in the pond...he put his shoes on a board and they floated too far. He went in after the shoes.

Later, he used it as a shovel.
Below he has two bars. I'm not sure what's going on in his mind.
As we prepared to leave our campsite, the men made certain the fire was out. Smokey the Bear would be proud! Using his metal shovel was a highlight of the trip.
On the way home we stopped to see this very fun tourist attraction in Miami, AZ (locals pronounce it MY-am-I). The huge truck inside the other truck's bed are both used for mining copper.
Since would take another 1.5 hours to get home, hubby ran out some wiggles with Mr. Intensity. In the upper left you can see the copper mines.

While we were gawking, a guy who lived across the street walked over and asked if we wanted to get closer. He had a key to open the gate so Mr. Intensity could climb on and in the big truck. Below you'll see me in the bed of the mining truck - and more mines in the distance above my right shoulder.
The friendly neighbor told us a few fun facts
  • copper is now sold for $3/pound
  • drivers of these trucks are currently paid $25/hr and work 12 hr shifts
  • the mining companies can't find enough workers (despite the poverty-stricken town) because most can't pass the drug test. Meth has plagued Miami.

To see what others have done with metal, make sure to visit Unplug Your Kids.


morningstar said...

I love your post! Mine were almost always in their undies at that age and wet and knee deep in mud. It is a great age.

Anonymous said...

Great post! Yes, spontaneity and artistic freedom are not only allowed, but welcomed!

This was really fun for me to read because I have often driven through Globe/Miami when heading to Phoenix. We live in the White Mountains so if we have to get to the airport or South Phoenix, that is the way we go. We have never stopped at the mines though. Where do you go to see that truck? My son would love it!

He would love wielding an iron bar too. LOL!

Julie said...

The truck is facing Hwy60 - you can't miss it. We didn't stop at the mines; just pulled off the road to see the trucks.

Anonymous said...

It's true that sometimes the simplest things can bring the most fun when combined with imagination. Sure looks like a fun trip!

Jenny said...

We are big fans of simple activities around here, too! It's amazing what they can come up with all on their own, isn't it? I loved the shot of your son wielding the iron bar like a spear, BTW- you've got your hands full, don't you? :o)


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